Thursday, 11 November 2010

Studying and researching colour

Since we are using desaturated colours in our film, i found it important to justify a reason why were doing this in my research.
I found a good article on the internet i thought id post up,i don't really know how relevant it is for this project but i posted it anyway...

The Importance of Color Theory in Films

Color theory as it relates to films was developed as a result of an increasing desire to interpret directorial vision and presentation meanings of art films. Any color combination present in a film can be interpreted as color theory. This includes black and white, saturated colors and prop or costume design. An understanding of the various application of color in films is often important to understanding the meaning of a film.

    Black and White

  1. Artistic use of black and white photography is often used to convey age and historical differences. An example of black and white photography in a film is the 1993 Steven Spielberg film "Schindler's List."
  2. Props

  3. By combining props of the same color in the same scene, a director can often influence a certain mood in the viewer. An example of this is by using the color blue to convey loneliness and depression. Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski often used this effect in his 1993 film "Three Colors: Blue."
  4. Painting

  5. Some films use painted effects in real life situations to give a sense of fantasy or unrealistic goals. This may include the painting of flowers in a impressionist fashion while leaving the rest of a shot unchanged. Danny Boyle uses this same effect in his 2002 film "28 Days Later."
  6. Desaturated Color

  7. Desaturated color is often used to convey poverty or age. In this effect, the brilliance of colors is dulled and darker colors (gray, black, brown) are used. Sam Mendes uses this effect heavily in his 2001 film "Road to Perdition."
  8. Saturated Colors

  9. Saturated colors can be used to accent a particular scene or object. When a color is saturated, it is made more brilliant or brighter. This effect can be achieved from digital effects or colored light cast on an image from off screen. An example of this technique is the Ethan Coen film "Blood Simple."

The article suggests desaturated colours are used to convey age, which i totally agree with, i feel it adds a special feel to the piece and i hope it works well in our project.

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