Thursday, 11 November 2010

Who am i working with? What is my Specialism?

I must now identify the groups i am working with and what my specialisms will be within the groups. I will also explain why i have chosen these specialisms and what type of work i will do under these categories.

What film am i working on?

Leap Of Faith

Director- Depa Masih
Group- Depa, Me, Yemi, Marios, Alex, Diego
My Role - Modeller, uv & texturer, lighting, secondary animation

I have decided to put 100% backing into Leap of Faith project, the main reason for this is because i see it as a very challenging project, and i was on board this project from the beginning of the summer. The group has a main core of 3 people and therefore will be able to provide a lot of work for me to fill out the three needed folders in Mikes unit. Also the project has a very specific aesthetic style and i see this as a challenge yet also a very exciting opportunity to explore different ways of going about achieving what we want to show in terms of the textured artwork and look and feel of the piece.

Main Advanced research priorities are

Lighting (Internal & External)
Lighting will be key in giving the finished piece the correct mood. I will be attempting the exterior lighting for this project as well as some interior lighting depending on workload. Therefore i will definitely be doing some tests of lighting exterior, and also some tests of interior lighting. I will also look at render passes, for different ways of rendering certain areas of the scene, as well as time lapse methods and techniques for use in a key shot within out movie.

Secondary Animation (Leaf and props)
I will be doing secondary animation tests in this unit as i will be doing the animation in the final project for the leaf, trees and some of the background and environmental props for example the way the wind affects the leaves on the ground, all of which are important to get right to add realism to the animation, which is exactly why i feel it is important to do tests now, in this unit.

Modeling (Environmental)
I will be modelling all the environments for the project. I am not sure whether it is appropriate to do test models in this unit as i have already modeled the environments and i see no point.

UV and texturing (Environment)
I will be experimenting with and researching different ways of mapping and texturing for this unit. Although i already know basics of this from last year, i feel it is important to research incase it opens my mind up to better alternatives of doing things. I am using this unit to broaden my knowledge in this case. Along with texturing i will be looking into researching colour and the ways audiences interpret colour in different ways, along with colour associations, which would be very helpful for our unit considering colour is hugely important.

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