Thursday, 11 November 2010


Although not entirely appropriate considering it is a totally different piece, i chose to show some screen shots from Saving Private Ryan because of the very desaturated colours, and i thought they were very similar to the sorts of tones i wanted to use within the project. The reason speilberg used these sorts of tones was probably to convey the importance of the era of the film and give it a historic, old feel. This could work well with with our piece in my opinion.

Choosing Style

The style of the piece I'm working on is going to be very important. The director has told me that we are going to go for a very painted-style effect in the textures, which got me thinking as to how i am going to texture the environment. I knew from the beginning that photoshop had some really got filters, which allowed you to change the style of a photo into a photo which looks painted, or altered in some way, so i decided to experiment with the filters to see what happened.
My starting point was a texture of wooden panels, similar to those that will be used in the project. I decided to look at four different styles, and below are the results. I think i need to consider what i am looking for when making a decision. I really like the cutout effect, but my question is that would it be too drastic of a stylistic choice to have the whole environment in this cutout style. I also really like the paint daubs style, because it allows a little realism to be kept, whilst still giving the texture a nice painted effect.

The textures need to be desaturated, before being applied to the actual project. I experimented with looking at different levels of saturation. My favorite from those below is the second one in( top right), which is slightly desaturated from the original (bottom left). The whole piece is going to be slightly desaturated in colour to give the feel a more rustic feeling. I am contemplating the idea that it might be easier to keep all the textures to their original saturation, and then de-saturate the whole piece in post production.

Picture of texture applied in Maya.

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